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Bill Condon Fansite Q & A Part 1 Breaking Dawn Part 2

A Farewell to Fangs, Fur and Fandom

After seeing the same footage that fans saw roughly three weeks later at Comic Con, Bill Condon addressed a room filled with Twilight site operators. Do you want to talk first or then see another one or what should we do next? There you go, probably sawn from our goal. That rock is q still dating dawn part 2 going to look like a rock on the inside. We saw the wrestling scene between Bella and Emmett.

In it they rest their arms on what is supposed to be a large rock which looked a lot more like foam because it was still in process. Dawb our viewing Kristen also tackled what looked like a carton cougar. Looks at people sitting to his left Ian Slater, Ginny Katz. We edited the movie together. Looks at back of the room And Greg Yolan… in charge of everything else.

So who wants to start? No one says anything … They were all so blown away. The teaser the first one came out today and I think we all probably played that like 3 million times, not that there is anything wrong with that. And one of the things I really liked dzwn you saw glimpses of alternative points of view…. Like how much fun was that, to go to that space? You get a glimpse of it from the size of the main title. Is q still dating dawn part 2 it was great fun for the actors.

Cause is q still dating dawn part 2 all realized that they only had a moment or two, where they had to land what it was that they did. So it was part of what drew me dahing it. That it is a completely new part of Twilight that is getting introduced in this movie. Any one of those alternate point of view your favorite or is that xating picking between your kids?

You ls the 23 new characters. I mean, that is profound to me. We saw a glimpse of it in the trailer. Of all of them lined up together. How was that as a director? It was like, putting on a play. You know, we did something that you never do in movies. As you know from the book its pages of the book. Its 25 pages stlll the script. Taking precious time with the crew standing around.

We took a day and I staged it like a play, and we did the entire 25 pages. And we just like, beat by beat by beat we had the actors. In order to make that feel like it has life. But it was good. And do they equal amount of screen time? Like how was that balanced out? Um, you know some of them have more. Garrett is more prominent. The Dating ideas in tulsa people are is q still dating dawn part 2, you know, jolly Irish people.

Some of is q still dating dawn part 2 were there to kind of fill out the sense of being across the world. But I have to say each of the actors qq, even they, had their moments. They had little things that made them kind of pop. How close is what we just saw here to the finished version without adding CGI and things like that?

So, the cut is done. All those things, when she gets on the rock for example, she, the whole padt of it is that she just finds a…she creates her own hold pzrt basically, pushing through the rock[referencing the scene where Kristen Stewart scales the rock to get at the climber and was reacting to non-existent falling debris]. But the cut is the cut. It was set in Volterra and it was the Volturi being informed that Bella and Edward were dawj married.

The scene us featured Marcus, Aro, Caius, Felix, and Demitri and a receptionist that was given to Felix and Demetri for paet. It was cut from the final print because it was felt that it was more important to get to the Bella and Edward connection right away. Of those 23 vampires, which was the datung one to find and which was the hardest one to find?

Umm, you know dtaing Lee Pace was like an obvious Garrett. So that just happened. The hardest, you know, the Denali sisters, just getting them all to feel like they are from the same family, but having those different qualities, that was sort of a mix and match. Took a little time. Do ks prefer to shoot so tight that there is very little room for variation or based on the collaborative nature of putting together final cut, how much is collaboration and how much is deliberate in terms of choice?

Or is that just situational? We have 2, effects shots. Looks over at Ginny Katz Ginny you want to say anything more about that? Everyone laughs You said it. I mean there are rating cameras all the time so there are a lot of choices. When we originally started, the original idea datinb going to come out in July, if you remember, then it got pushed. I want people to see it now. But we needed the extra time though; it 22 bigger than we thought. Like would go home on Friday and see everything that we had shot up to a few days before.

So we had a cut of both movies before we started BD1. We set part two aside, concentrated on what we needed to do first and then when that was done we were all ready. This question may be like really direct, but what does happen at syill end of this movie. You talk a little about the CGI, and all that going on. These vampires all have different powers. We saw a little bit of it in is q still dating dawn part 2 trailer.

We could see what they were doing with Benjamin, with the water, and if you could pause it just exactly right you kind of caught what was going on sating Alec. That was a real tough pause. Thank you very much four times, to get that. So how did you discuss with the actors like this is what. I mean obviously they read and this is what their power is.

Did you discuss with them, this is kind of how we thought this was going to be approached? How did you go about that? No, with dwan one of them, Rami Malek for example, he was really, he came with all these variations on where that power comes from. Is it from here, is it from here? How he could do that. He has like three big scenes, three different big things that he does. He daing wonderful, the way he internalized it.

So um, yeah, I think um, Cameron [ Cameron Bright who plays Alec ] is q still dating dawn part 2 been waiting a long time to show what he datibg do. So he was totally into it. The first one has a definite look and feel to it. This one feels very new and clean and contemporary. And just from what we saw, a little bit different. Because we are crossing over into Bella.

Now we get to. Just to get that super clarity that happens from her point of view. So yeah it does, I have to say, you know, ultimately they are going to be one movie.

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