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I need to reset my password. I signed up and I can't log in now. Im typing my password correctly. I sent a message to Badoo and I haven't received a response on how to badoo dating site review my password. Is this site a SCAM or what. If you comment on fake messages and profiles, your account will be blocked, and not the fake ones.

Aan de foto's kan je zien dat ze helemaal niet in de buurt genomen zijn, hehe het voordeel van een kleine land als het Nederland. En dan gaan ze uitgerekend jou dan zogenaamd 'veriferen', en als hun verificatiesysteem niet blijkt te werken, dan bokkeren ze je account, Echt te triest voor woorden. Mag van mijn internet aardbodem verdwijnen.

This site is full of bogus profiles, I was contacted by countless men that are in the military both Canadian and Americanso unable to meet and do other things because they are all in Syria, they all have sons just onehave fb accounts with 0 friends badoo dating site review are sadly widowed Somebody needs to get a little smarter with the m. Consider yourselves warned Ladies CowardsThen when you want to delete your profile You know you are being badoo dating site review when you are first promised an easy account setup, but then at every click of a button Badoo wants more and more information.

There is no end to it. What keeps it from one day asking you for your credit card details to continue using the site? Badoo is truely the biggest piece of trash ever!!!! After stealing my photos, and letting me click around 3x it starts asking for more. Badoo totally disrespects users wishes. It shows how the Chinese seem so used to users having no rights or privacy whatsoever. Stay away from this communist controlled espionage site that will rape your privacy every which way it can and make you pay for it with your soul.

This site should be banned in all other country, as it's a delivery platform for espionage and trade sanctions should be imposed. This site is worse than a platform used by ISIS to spread terrorist propaganda. This site turns you into a prostitute, because it is forceful and disrespectful of users. After using this site you feel filthy and used, like someone took you up the bum. Evade this badoo dating site review at all cost.

Stay away, keep running and don't look back! This site is so full of scum so full of fake useless worthless pieces of human trash. The pictures are fake and those that are not fake are at least 8 to 10 years old or longer. Someone might like you and you like them back and then they will never speak to you again. I have met so many people from overseas and then we go from talking maybe one sentence and already they are calling me baby badoo dating site review this and baby that and oh by the way do you have a bank account can you send me some money please?

I would not recommend this site if it was the only one on the planet. It is so bad I finally deleted my account yesterday. I had it up and running for at least a year and I did not talk hardly to anyone and those that I did would never agree to meet up. They would not call they would not do badoo dating site review. Those that did talk hinted around 2 Money Don't say you wasn't warned!!!!

Every "woman" who chatted with me couldn't give a straight, consistent story with the information in "her" profile. I asked the latest one today where she used to live to see if it matched her profile Saginaw, MI and she tells me Tampa, FL where I used to live coincidentally. So I online dating canada review her the name of the night club district part of Tampa to see if she's legit.

I payed for "super powers" and for some friking reason, I am asked to pay with credits to send badoo dating site review to certain members. Sometime its 20 credits and others its 50 credits. Why the fark do I have to pay to talk to X and not to talk to Y? There is no logic to it, it's like trowing dices at a crap table at a casino You would think that "super powers" would include messaging anyone, but it does not.

They should badoo dating site review them "we are going to screw you one way or the other powers" Once you sign up, they make it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to delete your account. It is almost funny, but it's not. It is very difficult to opt out, I forgot my pw and waiting for an email. They took my money automatically without me knowing. I might not seen one of the little notes. I can't log in to badoo anymore for no reason. Badoo wants me to take a picture Plus, I'm on a computer, not a phone, and then I can't deal with badoo's conditions to get log in again.

Please badoo, can you unlock me. So I was desperate enough to actually use Badoo and see if I could meet somebody interesting from it. I decided to "highlight" myself in my area for an hour and got some tokens to do so. Only, after doing this, I didn't know I had left a box ALREADY CHECKED that indicated Badoo dating site review wanted them to charge me automatically to refill my tokens when I was low. So my account was charged, overdrawn, and they said it was my fault for not looking at their little pre-marked scam box.

I wasn't aware that they had stored my credit card details A charge of There was probably some option that was "on" by default This is the trap they set to customers but I wasn't aware of that. I was never asked to confirm any payment. The worse thing is that they support team didn't accept my request for badoo dating site review that amount! Never trust this website again! It is such a fraud! All their team wants is to steal customers and make money from them!!

I was fed up with the fake messages from fake profiles trying to sucker me into paying more, but the hardest part was trying to unsubscribe or delete my account. It took 45 frustrating minutes to delete my account! Even after unsubscribing I still received spam from them. I have just come back from Tenerife but when I want to chat to one of my Badoo dating site review friends it won't allow me to. Well I send a message I get no response from them which makes me think something is wrong.

The problem has been resolved thank you. USed it until app started forcing me to do stuff i dont wanna do aswdfaswert seydsrhjdr57ykjem4rs57yl,dr57lse4. I have deleted the app from my iPad, the latest upgrade is a complete honolulu free dating site. It is so user unfriendly it is not funny.



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