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Summer Roberts Cohen is a fictional character on the FOX television series The O. Initially Summer was only intended as a small supporting character, only there as an object of fantasy for Seth and a friend for Marissa Cooper, while Ryan Atwood and Seth and summer start dating were the lead couple. However, due to Bilson's performance, Summer became an increasingly important character.

Series creator Josh Schwartz said: And the more we gave her to do in the first couple of episodes, the more she kept nailing. Finally, in the episode with the Tijuana road trip, we watched a scene between her and Seth in the diner and knew: This girl is amazing. Let's make her a series regular. Summer Roberts grew up in Newport Beach, Californiawith her wealthy father, Dr. Neil Roberts Michael Nouri. For much of the series, she also lived with a stepmother, named Gloria unseen characterwhom she never refers to by name, instead calling the latter "what's her name" or "the stepmonster" due to her mood swings and various addictive pills.

She was often paired in scenes with her best friend, Marissa Cooper Mischa Bartonwho was the leading female of the series until her death. During this all, she had a long lasting seth and summer start dating with leading man Seth Cohen Adam Brody. In a flash forward in The End's Not Near, It's Hereshe finally marries Seth. Her character was only scheduled to appear in a few episodes, but was considered a hit, and ended up being in each of the series.

Summer is, throughout the first few episodes, portrayed as a shallow, materialistic gossip who is ditzy and can have an occasional bitchy nature. Spoiled by her divorced father, she considers him to be her best friend, and his opinion matters as much, if not more than her own. Summer was unusual in combining the qualities of a conventionally attractive and desirable character with a tough, outspoken, "take-charge" attitude.

She is portrayed as highly sexualised and initially appears stupid; later she undergoes something of a transformation and becomes far more intelligent and concerned about environmental issues, a change possibly due to her relationship with the geeky Seth Cohen. In season 4 Summer adopts a pet rabbit and names her Pancakes. Ryan adopted one of the bunnies, naming it Flapjacks. In the first season of The O. Before choosing Summer after her finally showing her feelings for Seth Seth picks Anna Stern Samaire Armstrongwho exhibits a similarly strong personality and shares his sarcastic sense of humour and love of comic books, the first go around.

After a long wanting from Seth, Summer and Seth begin dating. It is during her transformation that Summer and Seth Cohen Adam Brody fall in love with each other. In the process of their characters' relationship, Summer and Seth experience many struggles because Summer thinks it will affect her popular reputation at their high school. As the season progresses, Summer is affected by their relationship and is often jealous of Seth since he seems to be enjoying Anna's company so much.

As a result, Summer gets angry and starts dating a not-so-funny guy named Danny, but that relationship doesn't last long, and Seth is suddenly back on her mind. Midway through the end of the first season, Anna breaks up with Seth because it is obvious he is still in love with Summer. Seth and Summer become a couple, and announce their romance at a school kissing booth, after which they become very close. Summer and Seth lose their virginity to each other.

However, as soon as Ryan Atwood Benjamin McKenzieSeth's adopted brother, moves away, Seth realizes that the immediate past and present are meaningless, because before Ryan moved to Newport BeachSeth was a painfully shy social misfit, and he is afraid that since Ryan left, he will once again be alone and the object of age laws for dating in canada again in Newport.

Seth then sails away at the end of the season, leaving behind his worried parents and a heartbroken Summer. Summer has a new boyfriend, Zach Stevens Michael Cassidy. Zach is starting to become friends with Seth, seth and summer start dating he met shortly seth and summer start dating Zach and Summer started dating, yet their friendship is a little mixed since they both have feelings for Summer.

Summer seems committed to putting Seth behind her, although at times it becomes clear that she still has feelings for him. This inevitably causes problems for her relationship with Zach, who suspected they still held feelings for each other. This is further complicated when Summer also becomes professionally involved with Seth and Zach as they develop their comic book, Atomic Countyfor publication. This relationship proves inextricably linked with the personal feelings all have for each other, and resulted in a bad meeting with a media executive that effectively killed their partnership.

Summer was about to go on an overseas trip to Italy with Zach and his family, when the feelings she still had for Seth prevented her from doing so and she left her heartbroken Zach at the airport, going back to Seth. Zach returned later on in the season however, and this along with Zach and Seth once seth and summer start dating going into a partnership for a comic book strained her relationship with Seth. Zach also somewhat subtly exploited this to weaken Seth and Summer's relationship and restart his relationship with her, causing something of a love triangle.

The introduction of Reed, a female attractive, older comic book executive who Seth was not initially truthful about also caused difficulties. This was eventually resolved when on the day of the Junior Prom they flipped a coin as to who would go to the prom with Summer and who would meet George Lucas for a comic book project meeting, with Zach winning the date with Summer.

Zach apparently succeeded in impressing Lucas and it has been rumored he was given an internship and moved away from Newport as a result, explaining his absence for season 3. Towards the end of the season Summer also becomes worried about her best friend Marissa's behaviour, unexplained bruises and a tension with her boyfriend Ryan and his brother Trey.

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