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Bitter Love: Another Saga of a Muslim Man and a Western Woman

Islam Newsroom UPDATE - Monday March 9, We answer many questions - but sometimes we must stop everything to really search deep for answers in simple English - For NON-Muslims, as well as Muslims. Here's a good question from iiraq non-Muslim 'Lady-in-love' iraaq a Muslim man. I know this might sound really stupid, you may laugh at me but I am really curious. I want to ask a question about Islam and Muslims.

See, I lived in Saudi for six years I'm American but I'm still not sure about some mulim the beliefs and behaviors of Islamics. But for sure, I love a guy who is a Muslim. But, I don't know how he is supposed too act around women. I really love this guy and I mman you reply back. Bismillah Rahman Raheem In the Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious Peace be unto all who follow true guidance.

Dear " Dating a muslim man from iraq ". Thank you for your letter and indeed, we appreciate your question about what Muslim men should and should not do with members of the opposite sex. This is a very important topic and not one that is taken lightly by any Muslim. Amn try our best to provide you with answers to help you better understand and provide references where possible.

We do have grom website for explaining Islam in the English language and we also provide a live chat room for visitors to have a chance to listen to live and prerecorded programs and ask questions from our scholars and teachers: I am going to try to put links to webpages in the letter to you to assist you in finding the references for the subjects. But after reading this letter you may not wish to pursue your interest in Mr. However, it would be better for you to know the truth about Islam and Muslims and not be embarrassed or misunderstood, than to go blindly into something that you might regret later.

You might be surprised to learn that Islam is quite strict compared to mam very loose morals of modern day society here in the West. In fact, according to the standards or lack of them of our traditions today, I would have to say that most folks here in America would say, Islam is too froj or even worse. To begin with, all Muslims have to know their religion or else they cannot really be considered as true Muslims.

Being born into a Muslim family is not sufficient to be considered a believer. Therefore, most Muslims have attended classes and schools and participated in very in depth studies about what we do and don't believe and what we are to do about our beliefs. Muslims try to put their Mxn Allah first in all matters. There is no room for joking about our God; our Book Quran dating a muslim man from iraq our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him this is always said after his name fro the name of any prophet such as Jesus, peace be upon him.

The correct understanding of the religion of Islam can only muskim based frim the teachingsof the mus,im Muhammad, peace be upon him ,from the original sources. The two sourcesof Islam are called, The Quran recitation of Allah's Speech to mankind and the Sunnah teachings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, which help explain the meaning of the Quran and the rulings of the scholars based on these two sources called 'fatwah'.

We recommend for you to read the following articles to help you better dating a muslim man from iraq our answer - BEFORE reading the rest of our answer for you: Here are the main Dating a muslim man from iraq arkam ul Islam and the taboos called ' haram ' in Arabic uraq Muslims: This is the same in the Bible - see: Exodus, chapter 20 also: Quran, hundreds of times. Quran, Chapter 2, verse Quran, chapter 4 dating a muslim man from iraq, Women] and hadeeth.

Quran, chapter, 31, hadeeth, rulings. Now after reading all fom the above Do's and Don'ts in IslamI am dating a muslim man from iraq sure that most civilized people in the West would not like to consider giving Islam another thought. Think about, after all what fun is ffrom in this life if you have to do God's Will on earth? Most would say, "Hey, I just want to party and have fun.

Leave me alone, I'm happy and it doesn't matter. This is not the attitude of the Muslims. We are much more interested in the Life of the Next World and much less interested in the life of this world. I just spoke with a dear friend of mine from Egypt on the phone. He is an Imam religious leader in New Jersey. We were talking about this same subject actually Muslims always talk about these same subjects.

He was iras that just as we abstain from eating and drinking in the day time and then really enjoy these things at nightduring the month of Ramadhan, in the same way, the Muslims avoid certain things in this life so that they can enjoy better things in the Next Life. Please take your time to learn more about the ways and lifestyle of Muslims before committing yourself to something as serious as this. Open your heart and mind to the One true God and ask Him for help and guidance for your life and for the life of your friend.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to visit with us in our new discussion pages at: And check out our continuous broadcasts online at: Here are a dating a muslim man from iraq links to some interesting pages. We hope that you will datng them, inshallah God Willing. We have provided a large number of Internet website pages to help folks better understand just what it is that Muslims do believe about GodBibleQuranJesus and Muhammadpeace be upon them both.

Many people also ask us about datimg large number of preachers and priests who are coming into Islam. For this reason you will find information fating this subject at: Our websites have many articles that might help you as well. Please take time to visit them at: We do have audio programs available on our websites at: Our Video Website latest entries: Ask questions - Get answers: COMMENTS You Type - We Print after review.

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