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Help! My Boss Wants to Tell Work We’re Dating, but I’m the One Who Has to Quit.

When dating someone new, the common rule of thumb is to keep the secretly dating my manager under the radar until you decide it's long-term material. But how do you keep an office romance a secret? Williams, who at one time had a relationship with a colleague, breaks down the do's and don'ts of secretly dating my manager a secret office romance: Like all relationships, having the "where is this going?

During your conversation, Williams says you should discuss the seriousness of your relationship, how you would both handle things if the relationship ended, how you're going to treat each other at work, and if either of you would consider leaving the company, if needed. Williams says it's inevitable that you're going to give clues about your relationship if you only hang out with one another.

Avoid this by never meeting in an office with the door closed, and make sure to sit and mingle with other people at events. This means do not plan on long vacations together because people will start to notice if you're both away on the same days and come back with the same tan. You should also try not to arrive or leave the office at the same time or people may start to have suspicions about dating diary closeness of your relationship.

Since you work together, the chances of you hanging out after work are pretty good, says Williams. So as not to draw attention or questions, have a change of clothes stashed somewhere, especially if there's a chance you may be staying over at your coworker's secretly dating my manager. You could keep clothes at one another's house or in your drawer at work. Just don't — even if you're complaining about them in a professional context.

Williams says that once you get involved with someone who you work with, it can become confusing as to whether you're really complaining about a personal or professional problem. The lines are blurry, so it's best to keep quiet about your love interest while at work. You don't want to hurt his or her reputation. If you decide that your relationship has long-term potential, you need to reveal it to your colleagues.

The only exception to disclosing the romance is if you work in a secretly dating my manager big enough that you would never run into one another, and the company does not require it. If someone directly asks you about the relationship, you should always be honest, advises Williams. Your secret is probably already out, and will come out eventually, and you don't want people to distrust you because you lied about it.

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