How to get your teenage daughter to stop dating a loser

Ask Rene: My Daughter’s Throwing Her Life Away With This LOSER!

What to do when your daughter is dating a loser

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Unmotivated,unemploye d and no drive to be employed. He is a gift child so Mom and Dad dote on him. Granddaughter and he think they can live on love I guess because she isn't interested in getting work either. His parents were high school sweethearts who are deluded into thinking the same should work for these kids. I know resistance is just like pushing yoru together but it is such a waste we are watching in this scenario.

Get her the birth control shot so hopefully she can't get pregnant before she figures him outsend them out into the world on their own hopefully his parents won't pay for everything and resist the temptation for pay dsughter ANYTHING! Not the water bill, electric, new shoes when she wants them. Let HIM or her figure out to get what hoe need. A little while of that and him having to jump through his mom and dad's hoops she herself will get tired of them calling datnig shots, having to bow to them, as well as, him bowing to them and she will run home faster than you can imagine.

Just smile I know it's hard and say how ternage you like the guy. It works every time with my daughter. Of course I also have to bite my tongue if she dates a guy I like cause she'll get rid of him as soon as I say I like him. This is how to get your teenage daughter to stop dating a loser young girls act and have acted for as long as you or I can remember. Hopefully she won't make a mistake she can't undo before she reaches maturity. I dont know what you look like but in most instances at least around here the mothers arent nearly as sharp and sexy as the daughters are by the time the daughter gets old enough to be dating.

From what your saying I can only assume your daughter is in her twenties or so. Try taking the boyfriend into an empty room. Strip down to your birthday suit pose and turn around slowly making sure he sees every crack and crevice. Then look him in the eye and say Shes going to look like this in about twenty years or so. Are you sure you can handle it? You never know till you try. Just ignore them and pray that your daughter will jow to you senses. I'm a bum and a freeloader and use parents of my girlfriend to take advantage of them.

Dzughter know they love their daughter so that gives me teenag advantage. First off I have been in jail prison for dui,stealing and what not and use diffent names whenever I get pulled over by police to get over because im on probation. I get jobs at carnivals,you know the guy that runs the rides or the dime toss for daugher bears that ho i meet these girls tenage for fun and want to hang with what they think is a exciting guy compared with one they consider boring.

Do you gft that? Boring is bad and exciting it good. Girls like to have fun. Being a badass is fun. To get a place to datin you just go to reno nevada and get married, go freeload off any relatives you can. If they are religious you go to church with them and pretend you want the lord also. Pretend your looking for a job and just keeping the con job up for as long as possible. They will eventually get mad or kick you out and I will take off and leave with your daughter to a camp-ground.

Dad will be pissed off. The next step to get some money and place to live and to knock up your daughter once she is pregnant the mom hounds the dad to let us stay with them them again. Daitng now starts all over again. Avoiding work at all costs thinking all the time how I can get money off her parents maybe buy me a car to party with while i falsely losr for work and create mischielf for everyone. How to get how to get your teenage daughter to stop dating a loser of me.

Find out who my probation officer is and call them. If police come to your house looking for me tell them how much you hate me and to kick my ass when they catch me. Call the rating the probation officer will give you all that information and tell them they should not have release me and what hard ache I caused the family and others. This is a fictional account, but has happen to people I know.

Hope the daughter finds a nice boring husband that is good datong kind to her. Take him snipe hunting way way out in the middle of nowhere. Then he will leave her alone because he will be scared of you My daughters boyfriend is the real loser. He is a hateful criminal that has sex with how to get your teenage daughter to stop dating a loser. He's an alcoholic, a user, and extremely mean to her.

She had a baby with this horrid man over twenty years older than her. He verbally bashes her and is currently removing all her friends and family from her life so that he can continue his behavior unhindered. He has a record a mile teeange and I am afraid she or her baby or both will have to die before how to fill out a online dating profile damn thing is done about it.

Maybe the authorities here in the US should worry less about stupid loxer like monitoring the internet and focus on real life problems. Wish I had known how to get rid of him then I wouldn't have a looser son-in-lwa now. If your girl is dating a loser then she's a loser. So now you just need to live with it and get ready for loser grand kids.

You know that saying it takes one to know one? Well it also applies to dating and any kind of relationship. Maybe you just think too highly what is third base dating your daughter or maybe when you see her loser bf he reminds you of him I don't know but smile daughtfr to know him get ready to loan them some money for a new home and diapers good luck.

When should you intervene in your teen's dating life? What are some tips for approaching your teenager about who they are dating?

Ask Rene: My Daughter’s Throwing Her Life Away With This LOSER!

How To Motivate Your Teenager

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