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Rulers Reman Dynasty Septim Dynasty Mede Dynasty Wars and Conflicts. Ayleidoon Argonian Language Daedric Alphabet Dragon Alphabet Dragon Language Dwemer Alphabet Dwemer Language Elder Alphabet Ehlnofex Languages Falmer Alphabet Magic Script Alphabet Runic Alphabet Yoku. Calendar Disease Drugs Names Transportation. The Tamrielic calendar ssystem composed of twelve distinct months sometimes called "Seasons" [1]each approximately thirty days in systek.

Each month has an associated constellationwhich is said to affect the traits of anyone born in that month, and each month corresponds roughly to an equal period of time in the Gregorian calendar. The months — and their real-life equivalents — are measured as follows:. In Skyrim, "Heart Fire" is used exclusively on the game calendar, although it appears as "Hearth Fire" as one or two words in some books.

Note that the constellation of The Serpent does not correspond to any one month, because The Serpent wanders randomly around the sky. A week in the Tamrielic calendar is also, as with the real-life equivalent, measured in seven days. In order, the days are:. The names of the days are mostly different corruptions of the same naming scheme we have on the English calendar, only with the exception of Middas and Loredas.

Sundas, Morndas, Tirdas, Turdas and Fredas are respectively different corruptions of Sun, Moon, Tyr, Thor and Frigg, the same as the English calendar. This calendar was included with Arena. It is not accurate to that game, since Arena had day months, but rather it is a Tamriel-ified version of the actual calendar, which was the year the game came out. The actual Arena calendar in the game, however, had day months, and at random you would start the game on Tirdas, either on the first of Morning Star or datjng first of Heart Fire, even though the days of the week could not line up in such a way that both these days are on a Tirdas in the same year.

Daggerfall's calendar was somewhat different, in that each month had 30 days, and always started on a Sundas. This is what it looks like:. The Fourth Era of Tamriel counts its first day as the day of Martin Septim 's sacrifice to end the Oblivion Crisis. It is unclear as to whether this marks the final day of the Third Eraor the first day skyrij the Fourth Era.

Unlike in Arena and in Daggerfall, no holidays were specifically given. As such this is simply the in game calendar used with Skyrim. Note that while the game muslim speed dating events usually start with your first day, the 17th of Last Seed, as Sundas, if you had a game loaded prior to starting your new game, the day skyrim dating system the week will instead be whatever it was in the game that was previously loaded.

Today the people of provinceName are having the New Life Festival in celebration of a new year. The Emperor has ordered yet another tax increase in his New Life Address, and there is much grumbling about this. Still, despite financial difficulties, the New Life tradition of free ale at all the taverns in the cities continues. The people of provinceName certainly know how to hold a celebration. In Daggerfallthis is skyrim dating system Summoning Day for Clavicus Vile.

Scour Day is a celebration held in most High Rock villages on the day after New Life. It was once syystem day one cleans up after New Life, but has changed into a party of its own. Ovank'a datig the day the people of the Alik'r Desert offer prayers to Stendarr in the hopes of a mild and merciful year. It is considered very holy. In Daggerfall, this is the Summoning Day for Meridia. The 15 th of Morning Star skyrim dating system a holiday taken very seriously in provinceNamewhere they call it South Wind's Prayer, a plea by all the religions of Tamriel for a good planting season.

Citizens with every affliction known in Tamriel flock to services in the cities's temples, as the clergy is known to perform free healings on this day. Only some will be judged worthy of this service, but few can afford the temples skyrim dating system price The Day of Lights is celebrated as a holy day by most villages in Hammerfell on the Iliac Bay. It is a daying skyrim dating system a good farming and fishing year, and is taken very seriously. A possibly unrelated Festival of Sjyrim is a tradition in the Skyrim city of Dawnstar.

Little candies are given out to celebrate. The people in Yeorth Burrowland invented Waking Day in prehistoric times to wake the spirits of nature after a long, cold winter. It has evolved into a sort of orgiastic celebration of the end of winter. Mad Pelagius is skyrim dating system silly little tradition in High Rock in a mock memorial to Pelagius Septim IIIone of the maddest emperors in recent history.

He died about years ago, so the Septims since have taken it with good humor. In Daggerfall this is the Summoning Day for Sheogorath. The people of Dwynnen have a huge party to celebrate Othroktide, the day when Baron Othrok took Dwynnen from the undead forces who claimed it in the Battle of Wightmoor. The people of Glenumbra may be the only people to remember or care about the battle between Aiden Direnni and the Alessian Skyrum in the first era.

They celebrate it vigorously on the Skyrim dating system of Release. Celebrated in the Skyrim city of Windhelm. During the feast, skyrim dating system names of the Five Skyrim dating system Companions of Ysgramor are recited. Today skyrim dating system the 16 th of Sun's Dawn, a holiday celebrated all over Tamriel as Heart's Day. It seems that in every house, the Legend of the Lovers is being sung for the younger generation. In honor of skyrim dating system Lovers, Polydor and Eloisa, the inns of the city offer a free room for dtaing.

If such kindness had been given the Lovers, it is said, it would always be springtime in the world. In Daggerfall, this is the Summoning Skyrim dating system for Sanguine. It was originally held as a solemn memorial to those killed in battle while resisting the Camoran Usurperbut has since become a boisterous festival. The villages in the Bantha celebrate skyrim dating system baser urges that come with Syetem on Aduros Nau.

Skyrim dating system traditions vary from village to village, but none of them are for the overly virtuous. In Daggerfallthis is the Summoning Day for Hermaeus Mora.


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