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I am currently working in bangalore. Like u I am single parent dating india in a search for a genuine group where we can share our happiness and sorrows not af ake one like the common ones seen where only match making happens I am in no mood for that So if u have found any then pls let me also know After going through this Agony of being single parent i had started feeling as if every bad thing happened to only me in life.

But i still have many questions on my mind, like how will i cope with his questions when he will ask me about his dad. Yogesh- Great to know that you are doing good, hope your daughter is doing great too. My sons 2nd bday is also this September I am a single father with 5 yrs old kid. I am also in the same cradle of handling both kid and job. My main concern is about him asking for other kids for playing. I can hide my loniless but not sure how to ask the kid. I am a single mom of a 2 year old girl from Bangalore.

I am glad to have found a place where I connect with people going through the same phase in life and share the good and bad things in life. Apart from all the other things I feel I am missing out a lot in her life as I have to go and work and get very little time to be with her, well at least compared to other mom's who stay at home. Created 'Single Parents Mumbai" however no response.

My name is Kumel and you can email me at kumel. I am a single mother,I have a son who is 6 years old. It is nice to see all of you coming together. I hope we can share our challenges and joys. I live in Chennai. Its true dat d child misses Ur daughter is 2 years now I think u vl feel btr once u get her admitted to a playschul She vl be a completely changed baby with a busy schedule n of course a lot single parent dating india isssues to single parent dating india with!!!!

I reside in Bangalore and am a working single mom of a 3 year old boy. Been going through the posts here as well as those in single parent dating india other forums for the last couple of years just to assure myself that there are many like me and my kid and that we are not alone in this. But once we learn to deal with it, it does seem like a cake walk.

When I put my child in day care when he was about a year old, I was comsumed by guilt. But today I'm content that he's dating site in zaporozhye happy chirpy kid growing single parent dating india in a social environment where he has playmates all day. Even if its a few hours in the evening that you get with your child, just make the most of it.

Those of you dealing with this alone with no family support Ofcourse we do have our handicaps If its these handicaps that bother you, then I believe that a social network of such parents and their children could be single parent dating india solution. Unable to find such a group in Bangalore, I've created a new group in yahoogroups - Bangalore - Single parent dating india Parents Single parent dating india Group.

If you are single parent residing in Bangalore, please join in and lets discuss on how to build this network. I m from Pune. Have 2 kids, 16 and 9. Really face difficult situation when my children ask me why our dad doesn't love us like other kids. I want my children to learn to develop a goodhealthy and true friendship which is not based on belongingssingle parent dating india stauts and monetory criterias. Former member HI all, I am 27 year single parent dating india women from pune, a single mother to a 10 months old baby boy.

Hi Yogesh, nice to see your response. Never ever turn back on bad things. May I know about you ppl. To all the single parents, keep up the fight. I can see the struggles. You are in my prayers. Hi all, sorry for the late reply, its transgender dating apps free to see ur response on my post, i still feel there are good people in this world. Thanks all for being my friend and also for your great support! Thanks to all Regards, Tinaa.

Hi Deeps02, I am a single father with 5 yrs old kid. Please let me know if we can communicate atleast by phone to start with. Hi, I am a single mom of a 2 year old girl from Bangalore. Hello friends, I am a single mother,I have a son who is 6 years old. I m happy that v r here togeather n can discuss our problems. Hi everyone, I'm a single parent of a 4 year old girl and working in Bangalore. Is anyone here from Bangalore who would be interested in forming a local group?

Hi, I reside in Bangalore and am a working single mom of a 3 year old boy.

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