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Zen dating tips Source Buddhism, Technology, and Geekery Bay Area, California. This is a zen dating tips post by Shane as part of the article swap, part 3 within the Buddhist blogoshphere. I am posting over at Peace Ground Zero today. Hi everyone and welcome to article swap 3. When I started writing on this post, I was approaching it with a discursive and relative based mind. I wanted to look at how Zen had made me approach dating differently…hopefully better.

I wanted to explore how non-attachment and equanimity could be balanced with passion and romance. I wanted to know how I could be equanimous when what I really wanted to do was jump some bones or engage in an argument. I found myself approaching Zen and dating in a very non-Zen way. In the practice of Zen meditation, the brain moves toward a state of being very quiet.

More to the point it can be difficult to say how Zen and the art of anything really works out because Zen is beyond words. Talking about Zen and dating is like talking about Zen and the zen dating tips. We end up talking about the clouds and weather patterns when what we really want to zen dating tips is the sunlight.

Here are a few of those clouds chosen randomly for you some are quotes that caught my eye, some are responses from friends whom I asked for feedback from, some blog post quotes, some book quotes, etc. Buzzfeed dating forever 21 suspect that it is little more like having a little space between those desires and our actions. Practicing Zen meditation has allowed me the space to see my attachments for what they are and disempower them. For once in my life, my boyfriend and I are on equal ground.

What I want to put in this spot is her description of her feelings on her Zen wedding day when she was the most awesome Zen Bride. Zen has taught me experientially that meaning making has a shit ton more to do with me than it does with the situation. Want to do it with me? Everything else is drama. That is something I can do that allows both me and my boyfriend to be exactly who we are and no one has to fix anybody else.

Therefore, there is no need to resent your mind of vexation. Simply practice hard, and quite naturally this mind of vexation will become the mind of wisdom. Open Buddha Open Source Buddhism, Technology, and Geekery Bay Area, California Zen and the Art of Dating Apr 9, This is a guest post by Shane as part of the article swap, part 3 within the Buddhist blogoshphere.

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