Dating someone with learning difficulties

Dating someone with a LD?

How many people would date a Learning Disabled person?

How many people would date a Learning Learnung person? Alot of people Meet singles at DateHookup. I don't see that as a problem, just a condition. The matter of everything is acceptance, and if somebody is in love is easy to accept the other part's condition like LD. I'm sure independent from LD the person have other qualities that can be a point of focus for the others to difficulties attracted too. My 2 cents wuth. But if you mean someone with a subnormal IQ I doubt I'd find them attractive as a lover to begin with but I wouldn't see them as less of a person.

My ex is legally blind and I was with him for dating someone with learning difficulties years. He had very limited eye sight, but for the most part of our relationship treated me like a queen. It never matter to me that he had limited vision. It wouldn't of mattered to me if he had a LD either. Just my two cents. I like someone that I can talk to and relate to and that is dating someone with learning difficulties sometimes with someone who isn't very intelligent.

My ex was stupid, so I've been there. It doesn't defind who they are. They show love just like the rest of us. Of course I would, they are people too. But are happily married. One couple I know of, the wife was a normal beautiful cheerleader in high school. But after a debilitating car accident, she was physically and mentally handicapped. She ended up marrying a guy who was probably borderline retarded.

He's a hard worker. Has 2 jobs that I know of. They started a family. Their kids seem normal. As a family they seem content. And here I sit. Educated, employed, and lonely. If you can get past the stigma of dating someone, less smart than you. The trouble is society at large isn't as accepting of this. I know my friends would razz me something terrible for dating a disabled individual.

Despite that fact that I suffer difficulfies disabling permanent injuries. Seems kind of a double standard. If I consistantly felt smarter or above them and rifficulties I couldn't learn anything new from them except how much I can't stand talking to them. Having trouble writing cursive letters in the 3rd grade and trouble with alegbra in high school doesn't mean you are learning disabled to me.

That is just part of life! There are some things you are good at and some things you struggle with. College isn't for everyone but they do have great programs for people with a learning disability my brother is "learning disabled" and he and I will finish our bachelor's degree at the same time! And I'm 2 years OLDER!! I hate how people want to give them the world because they have a learning disability! It just means they have to work extra hard for what they want in life to overcome it.

People with any sort of handicaps want to be treated like normal people. When we screw ddifficulties we expect to be yelled at or disciplined like normal people, not having exceptions made to excuse our behavior. A lot of the times if they can hide their handicaps they will because people start treating you differently. When you think about it, we all have dating in your 20s blog disabilities.

I dated a man who was in a wheel chair totally crippled, he was the most wonderful man i ever knew. Yes, I would date a developementally disabled person. I have found, after working in the feild for many years, that this population of people have more respect and love to share than the "normal" population of people. Hhmmmm, go figure, eh?

Everyone that lives life in the "norm", would most definately learn more about respect and love if they would hang out dating someone with learning difficulties this population of people for a while. No, I am not married to or have ever dated someone with a developemental disablility because I have not found my perfect match just yet. Cambridge dating sites, I've know of a few gals with developemental disabilities that I would of enjoyed a nice relationship with, if it were possible for them to do so.

Dislexia is a LD, trouble in Math can be a LD, bad eyesight can be a LD I have a learning disability, I can not learn by sight I have to difficultise verbal and hands on thats a form of a learning disablity. Its why I am great at english and vifficulties and bad with history. Here it dating someone with learning difficulties What I mean by Learning Disability or dating someone with learning difficulties some on here have put it LD is it could be any type of Learning Disability that you could think of.

Alot of people may or dating someone with learning difficulties not have heard of FAS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Now what the media and the health books will indicate or use the word RETARDED or something to that effect. One of the things that I really CAN NOT STAND and will not STAND FOR is being labled as that. To me personally I prefer mentally challenged. I would like people like the media and what not to stop useing the word because in my opinion it is like calling a black person the N word, and that is not a good thing to say to somebody.

All minoraties should just get along with one another. Like I have said to people before it's not whats on the outside that counts but whats on the inside that DOES. So in terms of LD's it smeone be anything. I hope that this clarifies things for people, if not please feel free to ask me and I will answer as best or much as I can.

Learning disability doesn't mean a person isn't capable of love and receive love, all of us can. Depends on the "type" of disability. My daughter married an LD man, they are going on 5 years of marriage and are two of the difficulgies people I know. I would if I there was chemistry and affection.

Dealing with Learning Disabilities in Relationships

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