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Who is dating Lana Del Rey now? Her previous boyfriend was Francesco Carrozzini

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant famously known by her stage name Lana Del Rey currently seems to be single who is lana del rey dating 2012 her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini. The two of them dated for about 18 months and finally decided to call quits on October The videogame hit maker had started her romance with Francesco in and seemed to get along very well. In an interview Lana told that she and Francesco were so similar yet so different at the same time.

Well it was a big turn off for her and eventually led to their breakup. There were rumors that Francesco and Lana were engaged daitng it was just false news. I think that the beautiful singer is ready to settle down and start a family. As for now the hot singer Lana seems to be taking a break from relationship. She was spotted on an errand run in Malibu and was alone. The born to die hit maker was dressed comfortably but may have been having a rough day as she was seen a bit sad. Whatever be the reasons Lana can sure get any man she wants with her sexy body and beautiful face.

Now I think she is looking for a laja term relationship with a man whom she can get married with. I think she will be a great wife, we only hope she finds Mr. Lana has a very successful career as a singer but the same cannot be tips dating someone with bipolar about her love affairs. They started rating back in which lasted till when Lana dumped her through an interview. The honeymoon singer was also in whi seven-year-long on-again, off-again relationship with the head of a record label, tey was a great inspiration to her and whom she calls the love of her life.

They met when she was on her early twenties when she vel trying to have her debut album released by a major label. Lana claims that the two are still close and are good friends. There was a rumor that she also dated the famous James Franco. In an interview she told that the actor had asked her to star in three films but none of them were ever produced. Such a good show. A photo posted by Lana Del Rey lanadelrey on Jul 9, at Apart from this she also had a eel with alternative rock musician Steven Merten and he was the one who had produced her debut album Lana Del Rey.

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